03 February 2012

Μάνος Χατζιδάκις (Manos Hajidakis) - Ο Ηθοποιός - Manos Hadjidakis-The actor

From his album: Μάνος Χατζιδάκις 2000 Μ.Χ.


An actor is light
the bitterest plight
and the finest sigh.
Speak: What do you mean? No you say won't
Maybe you're hungry? But what's there to eat?
You keep veering around;
tell me, where are you going?
I keep seeking you here,
because I'm only an actor,very tiny and flimsy
I will play once,you will play twice.
You will play once,i will weep twice.
Like a reed in the field,i'll need to deny you.
I'll cover myself up,wrapped in a white cloth,
and a bird,a black bird
will cry out for another,
crying out for the white bird.
Consolation in the willow
ah how painful.
Later you tell me
two crazy ladies
are madly in love with me,
but why are they silent?
Come into the light,I'm playing,you'see
I am wise,oh so wise,aren't you suprised?
An actor,whatever you might say,
is bitter yearning and the heaviest sigh.
An actor either a foolish one or a wise one,
is also a child,just like you too,
you're a child lying in wait
for something to see.
Drink of this wine one golden drop
from one soul to another soul.

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