13 March 2017

Joint Effort - The Longest Tongue In The East - 1971 - Detroit - Garage Acid Folk

Για Homemade allbum καλά τα πάνε...ή όχι...

From World In Sound
''This obscure acoustic garage acid folk masterpiece for the first time reissued on CD was originally recorded in 1971 (200 copies have been pressed). Joint Effort are from Detroit but don´t deny the mystic and loner hippie Westcoast feeling. They recorded all songs at home, most of the tracks were first takes and reflect a kind of freaky The Beatles meeting Nirvana (Unplugged) jam session. They play tripped out raga-folk tunes with homemade effects, catchy vocals very intense songwriting and Bob Dylan like protest against society. The songs stand perfectly for the summer, peace and love feeling! Favourites are, Stay High, Things Look Changed, Longest Tongue in the East, Citified Woman.This CD includes 2 unreleased bonus tracks, 4 original remixed tunes and linernotes. 70 mins of atmospheric acoustic space music! ''

Από εμένα...09/02/2009 (Από τότε γύρισε ο κόσμος ανάποδα...)

I've uploaded allready two songs in the channel from the same band with the name ''Jones Family Band'' and two others as ''Joint Effort''

We are at the centre of the inferno,i think.

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