10 March 2017

Springfield Park - Love's Our Thing - 1967/68 (EP Vinyl) U.K.-Psychedelic Rock (unreleased until 2005!)

''A truly amazing mini-lp consisting of never before(!) released recordings from '67/'68 by the fantastic London based psych outfit Springfield Park. These songs, almost 38 years ago, functioned as a demo which instantly got the band a recording deal with CBS. No wonder, since these songs, as well as the orchestral arrangements, are nothing less than brilliant. However, the musicians probably got forced into a more mainstream direction, and after one rather disappointing single -not sounding anything like the material on this 10"- they called it a day. Anyway, this release is the world's first ever opportunity to hear what the real Springfield Park sounded like. A Stroll Through... Springfield Park features 6 wonderful songs in a style reminding of The Kinks' Something Else, The Zombies' Odessey and Oracle and even The Left Banke.''
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