08 March 2017

John Terlazzo - Honor Among Thieves - 1983 Folk - Psychedelic - Loner

Αυτό είναι από το χρήστη jebivjetar85 στο YouTube.
Είναι το ομώνυμο τραγούδι του άλμπουμ.
Εδώ μια κριτική του  [MA], Acid Archives. Αυτούς τους λαμβάνουμε πάντα υπ' όψιν...
"Dark loner poet folk/rock. Very heavy Leonard Cohen influence, but makes LC seem cheerful by comparison. Even the one song that is upbeat, almost good-timey, has a dark undertone. Terlazzo is accompanied on many tracks by a beautiful haunting female backing vocal which is often wordless. Several tracks have fine electric guitar leads and solos. The poetic nature of his writing rather stark and often "esoteric" lyric images, brought out well by his rather limited baritone voice. I rate this at the top of the loner folkie heap."
Τώρα θέλετε και τους στίχους...άντε πάλι γράψιμο...χαλάλι σας...
I put those bones in a paper bag
and to your temple I rode.
The monks at the door
have seen this kind of mourner before.
I took up my relics
and I went inside-
O, your temple door was cold.
I lit the flames
of the blessed candles
your hands had made.
And I was hollow like a flame.

I drove up north your Cadillac
The mercury read forty below
With my wretched skates
I fell through the skin of the take
In the ice I was hollow like a reed.

The crows fly above a world of wheat
where you lie naked and white.
One by one they descend -
you crack their sculls on the night.
And I was hollow like the bones of a bird.

You stole into my room with your flashlight
and your gloves and your black satin mask
The way you smiled at me was piracy-
I never had a chance
But even with your fingertips of leather
you left your prints all over me
You stole the bones from the paper bag
and then you stole away.
O, is there no honor among thieves?
Is there no honor among thieves?
Is there no honor among thieves?
O, is there no honor among thieves?


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