13 March 2017

The Jones Family Band - Home Again - 1971 - Detroit - Psychedelic Garage Rock, Heavy Psych,Underground

71-73 Unreleased stoned and eastern sounding psychedelic/garage Folk by Joint Effort from Detroit (a different session was already released on CD by WIS ), amazing passionate songs in early Stooges, Country Joe and the Fish vein, accoustic with many improvisational and homemade effects! 1973 the Band Leader and Singer Val Zukowski founded the short living electrified 'Jones Family Band' playing heavy psych blues and garage music with incredible wah-wah guitar leads, going into Hendrix - those cuts remind sometimes to the Fraction and Bent Wind feeling! One of the best and freaked out releases of US 70's Psychedelic Garagey Underground.

Τα εξώφυλλα (τα ψάχνω) προς το παρόν στο βίντεο.

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