15 March 2017

The Perth County Conspiracy-Voice In The Wilderness-1975-Stratford,ON,Canada-Psychedelic Rock

Απο τα πολύ αγαπημένα μου συγροτήματα...
έχω ανεβάσει αρκετά στο ΥΤ θα τα παρουσιάσω εδώ όλα...αγάντα Romel!

The Canadian Pop Encyclopedia:
'' Formed in Stratford, Ontario's Perth County in 1969 by Smith and former Spikedrivers member and US draft-dodger Keelan, The Perth County Conspiracy [Does Not Exist] released 'Mushroom Music' on Rumour Records before being signed to Columbia Records and releasing their self-titled album 'Perth County Conspiracy Does Not Exist' in 1970. 

Their third release, in 1971, was the double live album 'Perth County Conspiracy...Alive' (recorded in the Batthurst Street United Church in Toronto) featuring "You Ain't Got Nothing" which was edited for radio. 

Bob Burchill joined permanently in 1973 and another live album, 'What School Bus Tour' was recorded from performances in Ottawa, Sudbury, Winnipeg in February of that year. 

Because the band made rare and infrequent stage appearances, another live album followed in 1976 called 'Break Out To Berlin'. After the album the band split up leaving Cedric Smith to carry on. Smith collaborated with Terry Jones on 1977's 'Ten Lost Years - And Then Some'. 

The album did nothing and Smith moved into a career as an actor. His most memorable role being that of Alec King on CBC-TV's 'Road To Avonlea'; 

'Rumour ll (aka What School Bus Tour)' and 'Ten Lost Years And Then Some' were re-issued on CD in 2008. ''

Τα εξώφυλλα...

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